LYNCH & FIERRO LLP is a law firm with a concentration in legislative and regulatory representation, government relations and public policy development. Owing to the skill, discretion and more than thirty years' experience of each of its founding partners, LYNCH & FIERRO LLP has emerged as one of the most influential lobbying firms in Massachusetts.

Our Digest of Latest News - "On the Hill"

Electric cars are the future (for everyone)

One of the perks of representing Nissan North America is that I get to check out their latest offerings. In this instance, I’ll get the chance to take the wheel ...
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Dishwasher repair for $125/hr?

Have you had to have your dishwasher repaired lately? I did. Our Bosch stainless steel, whisper quiet dishwasher just stopped working one day. When I pressed the button to wash, ...
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Complex Issues in Less than 2 Minutes?

I recently testified before a legislative committee on behalf of one of our clients. The legislation involved the balancing of private property rights with the need for environmental protection. It ...
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